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Create More Confidence and Thrive Professionally With Your Signature Look

#hypnosis #hypnotherapy #socialanxiety Dec 27, 2023

Most people already know that colors can affect your mood. You see this in the sky as gray, overcast days make people irritable or drowsy while sunny, bright days make people happy. But the effect colors have on us goes much deeper than that.

Colors have an effect on us through our subconscious. It can affect the way people perceive us and the way we perceive ourselves. Knowing how to use and blend colors can help you achieve your goals.

Beauty consultant Jessica Morales says that because colors affect our mood, they also have an affect on our behavior. “The feedback is that I feel like I’m energetic,” Morales says about hearing back from her clients. “I feel joyful and it makes me more confident.”

Morales says that these feelings don’t come directly from the colors. Everyone already has features that make them special, such as energy or joy. Colors simply enhance these features, making them more noticeable to you and those around you.

While this might seem like a relatively new topic, you see it every day. Companies constantly use specific colors and shapes in their advertising to draw customers. For example, a company attempting to connect viewers with an emotion will use a color that evokes that emotion. Food companies use appetizing colors and shapes as this makes the food appear more desirable.

“Color is a powerful, non-verbal communication tool,” Morales says. “We can use it to influence the other person.”

While colors are often used in the advertising of products, they can also be used to advertise yourself. Wearing a specific color can have an effect on how your bosses or clients perceive you. You might be producing the same amount but the colors you wear or makeup you adorn can make others subconsciously think you’re performing better.

The color of clothing you wear can have an impact on these perceptions but your makeup can as well. The right amount of makeup will make you appear trustworthy while too much makeup can make you appear untrustworthy.

In 2017, researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Chieti did a study that was published in Cogent Psychology. In the study entitled “The Lipstick Effect,” researchers used 186 female undergraduate students. Half of the students were told to wear lipstick and the other half listen to music while preparing for a general psychology test. The results showed that both groups improved test scores but the makeup group scored higher.

These results come from the fact that the makeup-wearing group felt more positive and confident based on their appearance. Participants that took part in that group informed researchers that they felt “smarter” after applying the makeup.

Multiple studies have gone into determining the effect that colors have on people. In order to get the right result out of your color-wearing, you have to wear the right color. So how do you know which color will bring out a specific feeling or perception?

If you’re looking to feel or appear joyful or enthusiastic, orange or peachy-looking colors are the right fit. This is perfect for those in the entertainment industry. Those looking to appear feminine or cute use pink to express a feeling of femininity. For empathy, peace, or patience, purple tones are the perfect choice.

Wearing makeup and the right colors is always important but no more so than now. The global pandemic has resulted in millions of people working from home. Many assume that they can wear whatever they want because they aren’t going into a physical office. However, preparing your appearance for work can have a major impact on your performance and how everyone else perceives you.

Even though you’re working from home, you’ll likely still have face-to-face interaction with others through video calls. If your bosses or clients see that you’ve prepared your look, it will create a positive impression. Your boss will be impressed that you care enough to act professionally. Clients will see that you’ve cared for yourself and translate that into being ready to care for them.

A morning routine will also have an effect on you. Many people struggle working from home because they can’t separate their home life from work life when they're in the same location. Getting ready for work and changing or taking your makeup off after will allow you to mentally divide your home life from your work life. This will create a positive impact while you’re working and when you’re done for the day.

Everyone knows that your appearance can have an impact on how you’re perceived. But the specific colors and makeup you wear can also have an impact on how you feel. Knowing how to use the right colors for any situation can have a significantly positive impact on your life.

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