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Everywhere we look, it seems like people are achieving amazing success in life – making lots of money, finding happiness, having great relationships, and doing well in their careers. But many of us feel stuck, unable to move forward. We try different things to reach our goals, but something deep inside holds us back, even though we may not realize it.

As we try to keep up, we start feeling more and more uneasy. We worry too much, try too hard to please others, want everything to be perfect, and put too much pressure on ourselves. We're also scared of not measuring up and falling behind others who seem to be doing better.

Social media makes things even harder. It shows us only the best parts of other people's lives, making us feel even worse about ourselves.

But there's hope. By facing these challenges head-on, we can start to break free from what's holding us back. We can start to feel better about ourselves and achieve our own success – not just in social situations but in everything we do.

Deep down, your biggest fear is that maybe this is all you’re capable of. . it’s not.

One thing is true, that “thing” you always dreamed about is within your reach…


There’s a solution that makes it possible for you to succeed in all areas of your life and unleash your greatest power source to achieve your wildest dreams - your subconscious mind.

There's a Method to Success at the Highest Levels

When a situation seems stacked against a person, how they approach the challenge is everything.
You need a resourced that:

Gives back Control


Doesn't rely on complicated, time-sucking frameworks (or perfect circumstance) to work.

Ignites Confidence


Puts an end to racing thoughts and rabbit holes of "what if's", leaving you free to focus only on results that matter.

Is Repeatable


Can be accessed as often as needed - to create one success and then build upon it.

Proven Over and Over


Demonstrated to work on any environment - In the conference room or the last 5 miles of a 400 mile race.

After years of research and testing, I've evolved a hypnotic success program to achieve incredible professionals and personal success for myself and my clients.
With this program you will...
Access your mind's inner wealth of strength and insight to maximize your results
Learn to short circuit your brain's stress response and refocus it on resilience and achievement
Quickly cut through the weeds of solving various problems and unite the mind to achieve your most important outcomes
Naturally balance your peak state with rest so that your leveling up process comes with ease and joy
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Hi I'm Shannon Rollins


 If you're high achiever, business owner, or someone who needs a way to access the expanded potential within, I can help. 

I've worked as a Wellness Leader in the Orlando area for over 10 years and am the host of the Well-Balanced Mind on BeWell TV.

Since first discovering hypnosis as a way to cure my own worries and move through grief, I've since used it even address things like psoriasis and other health disorders and realized it my was my calling to help others achieve success in every area of their lives. I've since deepened my skillset to create my own signature method and receiving nothing but 5 star Google reviews across the board from satisfied clients.

My signature method of combining modalities like hypnosis, NLP, breathwork, meditation, and specific integrative psychology tools works because I believe in the power of expanded human potential and our ability to call in our greatest desires without spending years in hypno-sessions.

Your subconscious knows exactly what you need to succeed and my role is only to serve as a guide, opening new doors and introducing you to new possibilities and perspectives. Your responsibility is to take those opportunities, make choices for yourself and take action.


Say Goodbye to Fear and Hello to Unstoppable Success


Now is the time to be bold.

When I look back, I can trace the success, happiness and achievement I’ve found in my life to purposeful action based on a strong inner reserve that carried me swiftly through life’s obstacles.
This system enabled me and my over 200+ clients to find ease and grace in any environment and you can find this system in my signature hypnosis training program that can help you make your future achievements eclipse anything you’ve done before.
It’s called Accomplished by Design.
Here are a few words from some smart people...
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Step Into The True You



Become Accomplished by Design

Accomplished by Design is an online success training program. It's designed for action: this isn't a college course that takes 12 weeks to complete. With about an hour a day for five days, you'll have everything you need to know out every one of your moonshot goals plus the tools to tackle any new ones that materialize.


With this brain training program, you'll .....

Discover the one thing you need for your goals, dreams, and ambitions to be possible (without it, no amount of hypnosis can help you reach them).

Uncover the invisible block that is keeping you from getting past that plateau (and the one move that blasts you through it).

Become an expert at turning your Inner Critic into your Strongest Cheerleader


Exciting Bonuses

that will amplify your results:
Performance Subliminals

A great way to achieve our loftiest goals is using constant passive brain training that allows the subconscious to rewire in new belief systems. With the Peak Performance Subliminal Track, you’ll be reminded daily of your inner strength and with the exact same tool Shannon used to create her own success.

Beach Relaxation Hypnosis

Sometimes when you’re going hard to reach your goals, you can overdo it and it can be hard to shut your brain off, use this to quickly unwind so you can get the rest and relaxation you need to fill your tank and get you ready for the next wave of momentum.


What’s Included

✔️ Invest in the only "Sure Thing" - You.

✔️ 14 Video Lessons

✔️ 4 Audio Hypnosis Downloads (Exclusive to this Program!)

✔️ Bonus 1: Performance Subliminal

✔️ Bonus 2: Beach Relaxation Hypnosis Audio

✔️ Watch or Listen On The Go via Shannon Rollins’ Membership Site Or the LivWell App



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Picture It. A year from today.


In 12 short months, you’re going to reflect on the past year, thinking about the wins, struggles and whether or not you are where you want to be.

The choice of whether you’re ready to face what’s really been holding you back and finally achieve your goals is up to you.

You can continue down the road you’re on.

Or you can join Accomplished by Design and set in motion a chain of events that could be the turning point of achieving your dreams.

Invest in you and join Accomplished by Design today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Hypnosis and MER® are collaborative techniques for positive mental change, not substitutes for medical or psychological care. Although these services frequently lead to significant healing and transformative experiences, users of these services should not consider them as alternatives to seeking appropriate medical or psychological care for any condition.