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Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs

This Guided Tapping Mini-Course Will Help You Remove Mental Blocks Holding You Back From Success

EFT Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful psycho-sensory technique that can help you to remove limiting beliefs holding you back from success.

In this program, we tap on specific points on the body while focusing on a negative emotion or issue. This technique is based on the principles of acupuncture and works by restoring balance to the body's energy system.

EFT tapping can help with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, phobias, and chronic pain. The tapping process can help to release negative emotions and beliefs that are holding you back and causing emotional distress.

In this program, we focus on the top 2 limiting beliefs that I hear when someone is trying to reach a goal.

  1. I’m not good enough.
  2. I don’t have enough resources.

For best results, I recommend listening to each video whenever you’re feeling “held up” on action or need a boost.